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4 reasons to do blogging. Boost your online presence now!

February 8th, 2020

Businesses tend to work in an ever-changing set of technology as well as consumer demands. It’s now essential for companies to have a sturdy online presence to engage and communicate with their patrons.

The first mandatory thing is to develop an optimized website to build a comprehensive online marketing and brand strategy. Then, it should be extended even further by running inbound marketing campaigns like SEO, SMM, Blogging, and many others.

Why would you invest in Blogs as a sales channel? Let’s find out.

Drive traffic.

Blogging is an affordable way for businesses to generate traffic for their site, improve inbound marketing efforts, and thereby magnetize potential customers.

As per the recent inbound marketing statistics, about 80 percent of organizations use Blogging as a marketing strategy. Also, nearly 82 percent of businesses confess that Blogging is acute to their business.

Bear in mind that the content must be 100% custom, relevant, and optimized.


The traffic you will get is the starting point for your community. You have to continue to keep visitors ‘engaged.’

Engagement refers to interest level and interaction. An engaged audience is not only one that is interested in the topic, but one that feels involved in the conversation. Direct communication is always a great way to improve the level of engagement among readers.

Build a community for your audience to come back regularly (e.g., create discussions, make them build profiles, create a mini social network on the site).


You have built an excellent blog with a relevant topic that leads to an engagement with your audience. What’s next?

Hook them! Develop a contact/subscription form somewhere on the page (UX designer should know better); set up a chat-bot which is triggered as soon as the article is read; create a pop-up. It can be anything. But there must be a clear way for a prospect to get in touch with you.

Unique Presence.

Blogging helps companies to stand out among the crowd in the vast digital world, creating worthy content to share knowledge, industry insights, or simply speak to the audience.

What you publish, and how, based on your choice of images, web design, and choice of words, reflects your brand.

Create your own story. Let’s make it together!

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