We're Quilqy, a creative outreach marketing agency that loves to learn, collaborate, and eventually scale your sales opportunities.
"The rapid evolution in sales development strategies, technologies utilized and journeys buyers take before arriving at a decision has been breathtaking...Successful teams no longer sell the customer and instead focus on creating an engaging journey that ends with the customer choosing to buy."

About us

We do what we do because we love it. We enjoy talking shop. We embrace knowledge. We craft campaigns to provide value. We're excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, your company, and make something beautiful together.

Changing the world and global domination are not what we see in our cards. Our vision is a simple one of building long lasting fruitful relationships with our clients, employees and partners while adding our two cents to the evolution of sales and sales development.
No one knows everything. We are all students constantly evolving our knowledge and skills in this developing world. Quilqy's foundation of culture is in researching, learning, and sharing expertise to act not as "I" but rather "We". And We are the team that is not afraid of mistakes, as it is the stepping stone to success.
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