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Lead Generation and Outreach Marketing for TopRank

July 14th, 2020


TopRank is a marketing & advertising company with a proven attract-engage-convert model that enables B2B and B2C brands alike to connect with prospects in a meaningful way, through customer-centric content that is easy to find, consume, and share.

Ideal Customer Profile:

– Geographic: the US with higher % focused on the Midwest + MN;

– Size: 50/50 Split between companies that are 11-50 and 50-100;

– Industry: Multiple (Social Media Footprint more important. However we decided to focus on HVAC);

– Sub-industry: Flooring; Construction; Electrical\Electronic Manufacturing; Machinery;

– Accounts’ Revenue: $3M+;

– Seniority Level: C-Level;

– Personas:
1) Principle: Founder, Owner, President, CEO;
2) Digital Marketing;
3) Ops: COO, Head of Operations.


Quilqy designed highly personalized drip campaigns based on TopRank’s low hanging fruit with such sales intelligence as {{Social Media Type}}, {{Followers or Likes}}, {{Follower/like count}}, {{Social Media List}}. All things combined, the message was as follow:

Our Director and I would love to briefly connect to discuss {{company’s}} {{Follower/like count}} {{Social Media Type}} {{Followers or Likes}} and evaluate if TopRank Marketing’s result-driven strategies could expand your social channels to include more targeted customers, and convert more of your existing {{Follower/like count}} into {{service_type}} customers.


The campaign provided outstanding results for Construction industry giving:

While prospects in: 545
Open Rate: 52,5%
Reply Rate: 13,0%
Positive Reply Rate: 2,0%
Appointment Rate: 1,5%

Pilot Solutions Group provided market research and virtual project management assistance to drive leads and reduce the internal workload. 

Amie Krone, TopRank Marketing

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