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Lead Generation, Outreach Marketing and CRM Development for Job.com

July 10th, 2020


Job.com is reinventing recruitment for companies and candidates through blockchain disrupting a 20-year-old industry by slashing costs for employers, rewarding candidates who get hired.

Being a start-up, Job needed sales processes and lead generation assistance to scale and stand hard among the competition. From ICP refinement & calibration through content & messaging Creation to reporting and feedback process – we managed to implement a whole new system for sales enablement.

Lead Research

Quilqy has done research based on the following criteria:
– US-based companies;
– Every single industry except Staffig&Recruiting nad HR platforms;
– Size – 1000+;
– Persona – HR/TA/People/Recruitment;
– C-level: Directors and higher.

For the sales intelligence, each company was checked on job boards (Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.) as well as career page for open positions. For instance, as soon as we hit an account with 100+ open positions on a job board – we sent a cadence suggesting to post positions on Job.com as well.

If a prospect we have reached out to has gone cold – we were researching personal phone numbers to reach out as a second omnichannel step.

Outreach and CRM Development

There were 8 sales reps in the Job.com team, so we decided to run outreach campaigns through emails and LinkedIn for each rep separately.

Moreover, Quilqy’s research team generated leads based on events sales reps attended and then run different cadence from the general one to personalize the message even further.

As the last step, we developed FreshSales CRM system, which was a ticket-based really – Quilqy used to open tickets by creating opportunity while Job was nurturing those down to the deal point.

Here is a weekly data snapshot:

Leads in System: 723
Active: 650
Replies: 46 (34 LinkedIn, 12 Email)
Positive + Appointments: 18

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