UI/UX Design

People crave visuals - it’s all about customer experience. Website is the main asset any organisation can use to ensure they are delivering a quality customer experience online to drive business better - and that’s what UI/UX stands for.

Quilqy creates flawless design for organizations to highlight its services and/or products creating robust customer experience to increase what matters most - conversion.

Why It Matters

65% of people are visual learners, meaning design plays a pivotal role in your digital marketing efforts. Not to mention, it helps to look stylish!

Your audience only reads 20% of a web page on average. Professional UI/UX design enhances your brand which eventually aids readers to digest information quickly and effortlessly.
Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. As a result, articles, web pages, blogs get 94% more views with relevant visual content than those without. Believe us or not - web/app design matters.
People buy with their eyes. Supporting your content with a unique design footprint not only helps your audience to comprehend faster but also looks awesome and memorable.

Process & Delivery

Understand & Analyse

Quilqy does market research to pick the right style & tone to fit your audience.

Hand Drawing & Sketching

Gathered ideas move to the paper. That’s where we are not afraid to waste dyes!


Approved sketches move from paper to production.


Our web designers wrap everything up, put the icing on the cake and deliver everything to you, ready to shine bright over the internet!


Creative Thinking
Thinking out of the box is crucial for us to create eye-taking visual products.
Can't sit around. Quilqy team always suggests the most relevant design practices and features.
Visual elements are closely related to text content helping a reader to get the main idea.
UX Friendly
We create a seamless user experience that gives value and accelerates engagement with your audience.
Custom Design
Each element is 100% custom designed. No generic visual content.
We work as an extension of your team for total immersion into your market to meet marketing goals.
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