Web Writing

1.9 billion websites. More than 3.3 billion Google searches each day. 350k tweets a minute. Catching readers` attention in this developing digital world can be immensely challenging when 55% of visitors spend 15 seconds to decide whether they want to read more or close the window. Unique and custom writing is the key to beating these numbers and make your website more relevant.

The Importance

Web writing defines the success of your website and inbound efforts. Once done right, it drives traffic, increases brand recognition, and wins the wallets of your customers.

Content for web site must include keywords, inbound links, and other SEO elements to help your site with visibility on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Delivering relevant content to your target audience creates value that grows website conversions and sales.
A good story about your company describing its values and personality will help to build trust and relationships if told right.

Proper Preparation
Prevents Poor

Review logistic and action items for on-boarding. Knowledge transfer between Quilqy and your team. Set-up review calls, Slack channel, points of contact.
Strategy Brainstorming
Discover WHO to impact and HOW your solutions are better than competitor's to form Ideal Customer Profile. Define style, formality, domain, tone, and intent.
Creative thinking
Work on original words or graphics to catch the reader's attention, show expertise, and engage. Always think out of the box. As Hamlet said, 'I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space'.
Our job is to write a story giving easy-to-read web writing and telling about your brand. Crafted by us, approved by you.


Most staff have advanced degrees and fluency in English.
Quilqy works as an extension of your team for total immersion into your market to meet the goals.
Making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen.
Content Sourcing
We do in-depth research on the topic beforehand to ensure whatever is written is based on facts.
Custom Content
Fueled by research, we produce quality content to meet your sales needs.
Custom Graphic Design
Graphics, charts, banners - we've got your design needs covered.

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