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Responsive and committed SDRs to streamline your MQL-to-SQL process. Identify. Connect. Convert.
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We provide inbound best practices and sales development reps (SDRs) to move the right website visitors to Marketing Qualified Leads. Then, we schedule your sales team qualified appointments that they’ll trust, and be excited to close.
With Quilqy, you outsource the headaches. We recruit, hire, train, and retain dedicated Inbound SDR’s to immerse into your ecosystem.

The Quilqy-tific Approach to Qualifying Inbound Leads and Setting Appointments.

We calibrate upon your ICP and study the customer journey to understand how your leads are coming through and what makes a potential client relevant to your services.
Together, we’ll delve into your operations and suggest, if needed, automation best practices to streamline the MQL-SQL process.
Quilqy will craft a structured sequence for each persona to engage with inbound leads and drive them to your free spot on the calendar.
We completely take inbound flow off your plate so you can stay focused on closing & delivery.

We keep it clean.

Managing data inside CRM may hamper your team by defocusing from sales - which is not the job for cavalry. And while salespeople hate data entry - we love it, no matter what CRM it is!

People, Tools, and Process.

Our human-powered and process-driven solutions provide exceptional ROI to any comparable sales development approach - less than ⅓ the costs of hiring a single SDR.

Trained in marketing fundamentals, quick on the uptake with the responses to reduce inbound lead decays. Our SDRs excel at qualification - turning Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), where bad-fit leads never make it to sales.

We have helped hundreds of companies go to market quickly, penetrate key named accounts, establish market share in new verticals, and create predictable pipelines.

We are the extension of your team!

Immersing and acting as prolongation of your team is the key point to ensure we are aligned and ready to crunch the numbers out of your pipeline.


Do you help with Sales Enablement?
Yes, we are! Not only we help our clients with inbound pipeline management, but also automate the whole process inside your CRM.
What if I have a couple of tools and CRMs?
Not a problem. We will make them speak to each other in a bidirectional way, through tools like Zappier.
How can I trust you my CRM data?
We never had a single case related to data leaking or stealing of our clients. Moreover, the whole team signs NDA prior engagement.
Do you do sales?
Not at this time. We focus on setting qualified sales meetings for your team but will be testing sales as a service in 2022.
Do you do email blasts?
Never. All emails are one-to-one emails personalized to the prospect. We follow all applicable laws and regulations.
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