Lead Research

Your Sales Team Needs Accurate Data.
And we got it! Our team of dedicated researchers source & validate contact data on your target audience, so you don’t have to.
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People, Process, and Technology

Custom Lead Research
We utilize 100+ sources to build target lists customized to your ideal customer profile and guarantee quality of all data delivered. No more ready-made and old databases - each lead is researched, enriched and validated afresh.
Data Scrubbing & Enrichment
Our researchers correct contact info, find replacements and fill in the blanks, so that your sales team can achieve more with the lists you already have. We validate & cleanse your decayed data.

Work with Your Researcher to find any contact on the planet, leaving no stone unturned.

Researcher studies your ideal customer profile or starts with a wish list of target companies you provide.
Researcher scours the internet to find perfect matches and enriches with data elements requested.
Calibration & Delivery
Researcher works with you to calibrate leads and make replacements in a format of your choice before delivering.

We love niche!

Let us know which data elements are needed and your researcher will find them!
Tech stack
New business
SIC code
CRM used
Open hiring
No of locations
Cquare footage
Drugs trials
Marketplace data
E-commerce data
Alexa code
Hospital bed
Growth triggers
App research
Department size
ORG structure
Fleet size
Review research
Grant & Subsidies
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Data decay hampering conversions? It’s time for data scrubbing.

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has expressed interest in your company's product or service.

Sales Reps Hate Data Entry...

We love it!
Your Quilqy researcher can work inside your CRM to fill in blanks, scrub data and enrich your leads leaving your CRM squeaky clean.


Where do you find leads?
We source 100’s of databases, LinkedIn, and good old-fashioned google search to find prospects that meet your criteria.
How accurate is your data?
All data is validated before delivering to ensure a 100% accuracy guarantee. If a prospect does not meet your criteria, we are happy to replace it.
What data elements come with my leads?
Leads come with detailed info on your target companies, contacts, social media profiles, and contact information. You can add additional data elements as you see fit.
Can I see a sample list before I sign?
Absolutely. Quilqy will build you a sample customized to your needs and calibrate with your team prior to engaging. All free of charge.
Do you nurture leads you found?
We do not contact the leads found but share them with you for further communication. If you want us to fully take care of your sales, you can look into the Sales Development Team service.
Why should I use Quilqy researchers?
A human will always understand your needs better than some database. Your researcher is embedded into your team quickly adopting your culture just as any new employee would. By using a human researcher, you have the right to reject any prospect for any reason thus ensuring your lists meet your exact needs.
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