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Your Sales Development Team
Orchestrated outbound to build a predictable pipeline and pack your calendar with qualified meetings.
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Our team of growth hackers, strategic thinkers, and sales experts understand that your campaign is entirely judged on its return on investment. Our no-contract approach guarantees that we work tirelessly to optimize your outreach, drive sales-qualified leads and ensure you close more deals.

We Roast Your
Pipeline -
So you don’t have to.

Lead Generation
Quilqy team utilize cutting-edge tools to scrub through 1000+ data sources capturing every lead that meets you ideal customer profile.
Sophisticated multi-channel campaigns designed and executed at scale.
Appointment Setting
We skillfully treat each reply, be it positive, neutral, or negative, to pack your calendar with meetings.
We have helped hundreds of organizations go to market quickly, penetrating key accounts and establishing market share in new verticals!

100% Personalized.

100% Personalized. 100% Custom Content. No Email Blasts. No Generic Messaging.
We understand the importance of getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Our team takes a personalized approach in uniquely positioning your solution to varying decision-makers and roasting your pipeline to drive meetings.
  • Human-to-Human personalized approach
  • Consultative US-based Copywriters
  • Messaging personalized to Accounts & Personas
  • Created by us, Approved by you
  • Ongoing A/B Testing & Revisions for optimization

Calculated & Measured - KPI Driven Strategy.

We’re addicted to KPIs and continually share and consult with your team to improve lead-to-appointment & appointment-to-sale conversions.
  • Which subject lines are performing?
  • What content is eliciting positive responses?
  • What types of companies are converting?
  • Which buyer personas are converting?
  • Where are the bigger deals coming from?
  • Who’s closing quicker?

In a Nutshell

ICP/SOM definition
ICP refinement&calibration, prospect segmentation, SOM confirmation. You and Quilqy communicate daily to work on the target audience to outreach to.
Strategy Brainstorming
Content&messaging creation, touchpoint&outreach strategy definition. Our outreach marketing specialists & in-house copy team craft cadence/messaging to optimize, improve, and drive sales conversions.
Technology Adoption
Full adoption of tools, workflows, and processes promotion. The purpose is to unify cross-functional efforts in a single system to lift outreach marketing performance.
Performance Monitoring
Quilqy provides with KPI driven outreach marketing services. Weekly reports and reviews. Full Transparency on each enablement step.
Embedded Sales Development Reps
Our SDRs become immersed in clients' company solutions, sales process and culture to represent the brand with the highest integrity!
Direct Communication
Communicate directly with your SDR through email, phone, chat, or video.
On-demand Sales Support
Researcher works with you to calibrate leads and make replacements in a format of your choice before delivering.
8+ hours/day coverage
Speedy response times are vital to driving qualified sales meetings. Your SDR has you covered.
Your SDR is happy to do an extra mile, if needed. Nine-to-Five Mentality? Never heard about it.
Persistent Outreach
High-quality leads, custom messaging, and lead-to-appointment & appointment-to-sale drill campaigns.


Do SDRS call?
Yes. SDRs are able to make phone calls but do so in a combination with email and other channels. We are NOT a telemarketing company.
Do you do sales?
Not at this time. We focus on setting qualified sales meetings for your team but will be testing sales as a service in 2022.
What is the difference between the Sales Development Team and the Sales Development Department?
The difference is in the number of people and, accordingly, the number of leads and the result. The Sales Development Department will allow you to increase productivity by 30-40% than the Sales Development Team.
Do you do email blasts?
Never. All emails are one-to-one emails personalized to the prospect. We follow all applicable laws and regulations.
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