Blog Writing

Marketing blogs is a powerful marketing strategy tool to boost online presence and build relationships with your target audience. By consistently publishing relevant content, you can provide more value for leads and customers, which can lead to improved inbound conversions, higher sales, and better customer retention. And a matter of fact, it's crucial to have your content be well-written, researched, and reliable. Otherwise, no one will read it.

The Challenge

Most companies are too busy delivering great products & services to their customers and don't have budget, time, or expertise to leverage blog marketing to its fullest potential consistently.

Hiring an in-house writer can be an option for some, but often a luxury for most.
Content planning, sourcing and production is a time intensive thing to handle but required to improve inbound efforts.
Who, why, when, and how to engage is a continually evolving science requiring knowledge and customization.

Why blogging matter?

90% percent of consumers go online before deciding on whether to buy services & products or not. This dynamic made blogging one of the most powerful tools to attract customers, engage the audience, and drive brand awareness. Yet, most business owners feel they are not leveraging their "blog for marketing" efforts to improve SEO and inbound sales.
Google loves blogs and other content sources that are consistent with their publishing frequency, as well as your subscribers. Frequency is what gives you an increase in traffic, especially when you publish at least once per week.
Investing in constant online presence and personality to get immediate recognition across the entire marketing strategy is what makes brands stand out.
Building trust and engagement with your list or new inbound traffic is always important to get more people to be aware of your brand to earn a position as an online influencer.


Content Sourcing
We do in-depth research on the topic beforehand to ensure whatever is written is based on facts.
Custom Content
Fueled by research, we produce quality content to meet your marketing strategy needs.
Unique Graphics
Each blog is supported by custom vector graphics to help the reader visually.
We work as an extension of your team for total immersion into your market to meet the goals.
Can't sit around. Quilqy team always suggests the most suitable strategy, practices, and features for the best experience.
Thinking out of the box is crucial for marketing blogs to create stories to be retold among your audience.

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