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Outreach & Blog Marketing for OutSmart team

January 24th, 2020


OutSmart Team is an international company that provides AX consulting and software development services for the support of business processes across the customers’​ entire value chain.

Their main angle is focused on Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 Finance and Supply Chain Management implementations and roll-outs supporting its clients with adaptation to the always-changing business needs.


Two primary goals:

  • – To increase inbound efforts, boost brand awareness & online presence, and increase organic traffic;
  • – Run highly personalized outreach campaigns to improve outbound conversions.

Solution & Benefits


For OutSmart outreach, we defined and calibrated ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) with a lead prioritization to set up the research part. As soon as it was done, we crafted an outreach strategy with a messaging to do initial outbound through different channels – LinkedIn and Email.

Based on KPIs the campaign was several times adjusted to improve lead-to-appointment & appointment-to-sale conversions.

Blog Marketing

While Outreach helps with outbound efforts – Blog Marketing boosts inbound.

With a consistent and scheduled article posting, the approach increases brand awareness & recognition, organic traffic, and engagement.

Moreover, several Social Media channels are engaged to redirect users from SM platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook) to the website. As soon as the blog post is posted, the one is also posted on FB and Ld with a short description and link to read the full article.

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