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Lead Generation and Outreach Marketing for FormSwift

July 15th, 2020


FormSwift is a SaaS company that provides businesses with a modern solution to their paperwork. This product offering allows business owners to take advantage of its technology to use for their own in-house forms and documents.

Pain Points and Scope of Work

The name of the game was to find either small accounts or self-employed people that needed optimization with red-tape work and document flow itself.

We’ve decided on splits between verticals, sending 50% of quota to property management accounts, 25% to events, and 25% to immigration attorneys accordingly. As soon as the program was scaled – Quilqy added further verticals: construction, staffing, advertising/marketing agencies, charter schools, small universities, school districts, small municipalities.

As the volume was huge (400 leads/day), we have created 4 different domains along with 8 senders to split the leads proportionally what helped to avoid spam issues and significantly improved conversions.


The campaign was scaled from 100 leads per day to 400 leads per day in two months since the beginning of the collaboration. Immigration, DayCare, and Property Management performed extremely well providing 1.4-1.8% conversion rate, while the open rate was almost 60% and reply rate 11-18%.

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