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Lead Research and Outreach Marketing for Avanoo

July 31st, 2020


Avanoo is a rapidly-growing “culture story platform”. The first-of-its-kind company uses storytelling, machine learning, and predictive analytics to help enterprises share employee stories that reinforce the best in their culture. The company also inspires employees to act on those stories in ways that drive improved culture and bottom-line impact.

Being a people-first company, Avanoo came in with the idea of approaching big amounts of prospects with highly personalized messaging for a series of workshops all over the US throughout 2020, which remained in place even once COVID restrictions were imposed, as the campaign pivoted to the Virtual Town Hall format. 

Navigating the Storm 

Quilqy team resorted to a snippet approach targeting various personas in the HR/People/Culture space with a piece of content that would resonate with the prospect. As such, the research team spent a substantial amount of time sourcing snippets on websites, blogs, and other platforms, which when paired with messaging, resulted in the average of 2,5% conversion rate. Once most face-to-face events were canceled, the approach was adjusted to a virtual format securing up to 30 appts per TownHall and then slowly transitioned back to a reactive snippet campaign at the reopening stage focusing on high seniority titles only. Such a move allowed for more thorough sourcing of personal content on several topics (Racial Inequity, Agility/Resilience, Leadership, EQ, etc) posted by each prospect targeted. 


The team was able to secure the average of 1,5% conversion rate in appointments across all campaigns (Workshop, Virtual Town Hall and Demo), given all the pivots during the COVID period, as well as grow Avanoo’s audience through various channels, including LinkedIn, by 25%.  

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